Karl Smith is an independent consultant, if you would like to hire him please use the contact form here.

Karl Smith works globally with directors, stakeholders and customers of multi-national enterprises across all verticals and technology stacks whose focus is on new concepts and capabilities that drive customer engagement, interaction and retention. He is based in the United Kingdom working mainly in London, although he is open to contract roles in other countries.

He has skills in Programme Management, Business Analysis, Service Design, Marketing (both digital and pre-digital) and Business Development. He has specialised in Business Transformation through Customer Centricity during his 27-year career post university and have industry experience in, business transformation, service transformation (including facilities, CRM and ERP), digital transformation, start-ups and consulting and servicing clients globally in digital transformation.

He starts every engagement by investigating the desired end state, outcomes and KPI’s before determining strategy or solutions. In this way the clients short term and strategic objectives lead the program of processes, culture, staff, business and digital change required to engage with their customers and suppliers.

He has worked across all the key verticals and focused on change that involves complex non-digital and digital cultural change, high volume transaction processes, self-service systems and automation. He hasI have specific experience in complex regulatory environments and have delivered compliant master strategy, process change, digitisation, target operating and governance models into national and global organisations.

He is a Founder and Director of The Human-Centered Design Society which is directly involved in central government policy in The House of Commons and The House of Lords through a number of committees including Associate Parliamentary Group for Design and Innovation. The British Computer Society has acknowledged him for his contribution to User Experience as a discipline with a Fellowship – FBCS.

He is a highly competent, personable, creative and motivated person with a keen insight and definition ability. He is a critical thinker and able to rapidly discover the essence of problems then define, communicate, create buy-in and deliver end to end digital and process solutions. He positively motivates those around him and is able to engender a great team dynamic by leading from the front. He has business experience since 1989 at comparable levels in fields including defence, industry, energy, pharmaceutical, biomedical, construction, fashion, finance, banking, FMCG, property, publishing, healthcare, travel, policing, crown office, local and central government. He has specialist banking experience with investment, private, commercial, business, trading, wealth management in Europe, USA, China, Australia, Japan and Russia.

Karl Smith is an independent consultant, if you would like to hire him please use the contact form here.

Karl has worked with several companies to define for launch or redefine their service offerings, business structures or digital presence including;

  • Wipro Digital – Launch Wipro Digital, Design Thinking, Service Design, Creative Technology Services, User Experience Strategy, Creative Design Services, M&A Designit – 2014
  • Accenture – Launch of Enterprise User Experience, Digital Services Launch, M&A Fjord – 2012
  • Pearson Publishing – Digital Services Restructuring – 2011
  • Deutsche Bank – Self Service Paradigm Shift – 2011
  • RBS – Risk Management – 2010
  • The Oxford University Press – Mobile First Digital Strategy – 2009

Founder of Several Organisations

Founder of the Ubiquity Open Standard Project involved from June 2006 to Present

Founder of The Human Centered Design Society involved from Feb 2011 to Present

Founder of UCD UK Conferences Organisation involved from Feb 2011 to September 2016


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