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I was recently contacted about a project where a company in London intends on becoming Agile at a business level. I was somewhat taken a back at the concept as I know several other companies had tried and expensively failed to dramatically change how a business works. So I asked the critical question

who is saying this can be done

The answer not unsurprisingly

top experts from the USA

The term experts from out of town always concerns me, because its a throw away for

don’t worry your pretty little head, its all taken care of

My supposed role would have been digital transformation, I raised concerns about how happy the top experts must be they are being paid by a client company for something unlikely to be delivered and of course the consultant never followed through. I mean if you were involved in duping a foolish client would you want someone who can spot the flaws in the deal?

Back to the title Agile Business the Penultimate Revolution, penultimate because it’s the one just before anarchy.In a world filled with buzzword promising without recourse upon failure must be great way to get paid a lot for delivering hope without tangibles;

Agile Business is the clearest bit of opportunism I’ve seen in years

Agile has no hierarchy, no mangers, no leaders everyone is equal but also specialist in their own skills, acknowledged, respected and constantly challenged to refine their skills and value other peoples.

Think of it!

Now place Agile in an existing business based in London. Careers that have taken people years to establish no longer have power as all staff are equal, all activities are equal, value to the business and renumeration is distributed at team not individual level.

I look forward to hearing of success, but anyone with an awareness of human behaviour will know this will be a titanic struggle and the clearest winners will be the experts from the USA.

I worked on a project in 2013 that provided organisational change cross enterprise, it was not Agile but it was holistic taking customer journeys and making every part of the business responsible for their part in making them successful.

Customer journey innovation cross organisation

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