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Karl Smith is a futurist involved in both writing about the future and inventing it, he is available for public speaking and news insights, please contact him through this form to book him.


Digital Transformation 2017, 23rd Feb at Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh
Digital Transformation is about People

IoT in Retail 28 Oct 2016
Takeaways from IoT in Retail Pioneers & Early Adopters – Panel Session

UCD2016 Conference, Being Human 15 Oct 2016
IoT Design Principals – Panel Session

SXSW Interactive 2016
Cognition Clash in The Internet of Things
The Internet of Things is the next great opportunity for commerce to engage with business enterprises. However there is no unified approach to the mental load between physical interaction, mental interaction and digital interaction. This cognitive landscape is inhabited by associated experiences that gel human behaviour and machine interfaces through, touch, mouse and keyboard. The usage of sight, voice and thought create new complexities and risks which have until recently been the subject of defence technologies, where clear outcomes and prescribed mental models exist. The diversification of these touch points and multi-point human logic models clash and derail human thinking patterns.

St Andrews University
Enabling Client Communications
There is a huge and complex social psychology to managing client engagements effectively. Merely presenting actionable solutions that have valid data to back them up is not enough for clients. They become lost with the simplest of justifications and proof often focusing factors of little importance to the end users. In this talk I will offer some meeting navigation concepts that will enable people to facilitate client meetings, establish and reach defined outcomes and establish clear dialog and interaction methods.

UCD2015 Conference
Humanity in Digital Landscapes: Mind, Cognition & Psychology
Committee Member
October 23rd to 24th of October 2015
UCD2015 Program
Workshop on Cognition Clash in The Internet of Things – Designing for Chaos and Crash

UCD2014 Conference
Committee Chairman
October 24th to 25th of October 2014
UCD2014 Program
Speaking on Exploring the challenges and opportunities of globalisation and commoditisation in Enterprise User Experience EUX

UCD2013 Conference
Program Chair
Website Developer
London 8th to 9th of November 2013

Technology: Why there’s no longer an off switch
April 11th 2013
Why User Experience on Vimeo

NextGen SCADA Europe
21st of March 2013
HMI & Mobile Workforce: Optimising the human machine interface for a range of devices as data volumes increase and operations staff become increasingly mobile.
Accenture Connected World – NextGen SCADA Smart Grid on Vimeo

UCD2012 Conference
Technical Chair
Saturday 10th November 2012
User centred design within investment banking and wealth management: The world of finance and wealth provides unique problems for the UCD practitioner, this short session will describe some of them, how to circumvent them and how UCD can make a critical difference to the projects success.

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