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Month: November 2019

Innovation is a Cultural Action

Having a strategy in business is critical, but a business without a focus on innovation and an understanding of how to do it efficiently and effectively won’t survive. This articles talk about quick innovation being based on truth.

Business Bullies and the Modern Workplace

Bullying has victims and is a crime against humanity. This article focuses on victims identifying the experiences that indicate they are the subject of bullying.

Eye tracking from Military to Healthcare

Like most technology innovations eye tracking started life as military technology with the best known supplier being Applied Science Laboratories or simply ASL. It was founded in 1962 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientists who developed their first video-based eye…

Organisational and cultural transformation in Business Agility

There are now in 2019 many people talking about organisational and cultural transformation and change however it is clear that what they mean is everyone below the C-suite needs to change. However organisational and cultural transformation is the whole organisation otherwise it is just a rebrand without actual change.