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Agile World with our hosts Sabrina C E Bruce and Karl Smith talk with Dhanusha Gokhool and Harold Campbell about their Agile journeys and about their new meetup in Mauritius, Agile Mauritius 

The Agile20Reflect Festival is in the past but the momentum it created is only just starting to create the first true global agile community. For many years agile has been split up into types of agile and that serves certifiers, but is the antithesis of a community. There has never been an agnostic global community of agile. Just as the people who came together to create the Agile Manifesto responded to a dissatisfaction in the ways of working in the software industry at that time so Agile20Reflect Festival has picked up on a sense of confinement and disconnection in current agile practitioners.

The Agile20Reflect Festival was created using an agile concept of small experiments, that are iterated, allowing the wild and weird, in fact the whole thing was an experiment. It was run by volunteers from their personal drive and a desire to give their time freely to become adopted into a global agile community. And it worked because people let go of the notion of petty empires and focused on getting things done quickly, learning and iterating.

Taking what has been created in the Agile20Reflect Festival and transitioning it into a fusion of people and focuses is in progress now. Already there is a spin off that has gone live Agile World there are others in the pipeline of ideas and the coalition of Agile20Reflect Festival will continue with a new name but the same drive towards “by the community for the community”.


As part of the Agile20Reflect Festival Agile World was set up to be a daily Agile World News service, it was created by Karl Smith (CTO and Trustee) based upon an homage to Wayne’s World and the Edinburgh Comedy Festival daily round up and was brought to Sabrina C E Bruce (CMO and Trustee) as a way to garner engagement during the festival. Immediately Sabrina added to the format and brought enthusiasm and her knowledge to bear. Together in February 2021 from 28 days they made 25 episodes, evolving the format as they went by experimentation. Working together within the Agile20Reflect Festival has set very ethical, yet fun working terms and the humor is clear in their engagement with each other and their guests. Agile World is now on 12 digital platforms and continues to strengthen its format. Platforms include LinkedinFacebookTwitterYouTubeAgile World NewsAnchorBreakerGoogle PodcastsApple PodcastsPocket CastsRadio Public and Spotify with more to come.

Agile World is committed to listening and communicating within the agile world community so offers open programming to anyone who wants to come and talk about their agile experiences. Agile Teachers, Agile Architects, Agile Government, Agile Treasury, Agile FMCG, Agile Healthcare any kind of agile practice or experience is welcome. If you have Agile Stories you want to share send your stories here



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