Human Centered Design

Karl Smith talks about the conference he is involved with in London in the United Kingdom, he is also a founder and director of The User Centred Design Society a British a not-for-profit institution created to promote User Centred Design (UCD) also know as Human Centered Design (HCD).

The structure of UCD UK – The User Centred Design Society

UCD UK is a not for profit organisation run by people who already have other jobs, there are no full time employees and we do these conferences for the development and benefit of the UCD Community.

From 2011 until 2014 we were a Limited company, but as a non profit organisation it was not the right legal framework for us. In 2015 we became a Society and now operate as The User Centred Design Society, we will remain focused on creating events and are not a membership organisation.

The User Centred Design Society is a Member of APDIG All-Party Parliamentary Design and Innovation Group.


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