June 29, 2022

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Agile World in English

The Agile World in English has been born out of a new movement in Agile. It is focused towards people being part of a global community. It is about Agile in all its different flavours. It’s creation as part of the Agile20Reflect Festival has created an opportunity to build a global communication platform. Agile World has established a technical platform for distribution. Its programming style that is intended to be fun, full of joy and hope.

The English Language Show, is the first of many language version. We want to broadcast many in other languages to support Agilists globally. If you want to be on the show contact us on english@agile-world.news

Hosts of the Original English Show

The hosts of our English Language Show are Sabrina C E Bruce and Karl Smith they are also the Founders of Agile World News. They are both Agile Coaches and Consultants. They both have commercial careers through their own separate consultancies in delivering Agile Coaching, Agile Transformation and Agile Delivery environments.

Agile World Sabrina C E Bruce and Karl Smith make Double Trouble English Language Show

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