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#AgileWorld #Venture #Capital Buyout Declined

The company that I am a CEO of in the United States of America, Agile World Inc. has just issued the following press release;

To confirm Agile World Inc. has been contacted by a New York City, Venture Capital company regarding investment, a defacto buyout.

At this time we have declined

Agile World Inc. is involved the next generation post smart device internet as part of its project Charlemagne and based upon our Open Networking Ecosystem Protocol Patent until this project is completed in 2017 we are not considering any offers.

We said no, because it was a significantly undervalued offer, given the IoT and Blockchain US Patents we are working on, still I was not aware we were even on anyone’s list yet. The yearly value of the market represented by our Open Networking Ecosystem Protocol (ONEP) patent in just the USA is estimated to be worth $100,000,000,000.

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