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Customer Agility Framework ™

Customer Agility Framework ™ soft launch

Customer Agility Framework ™ OverviewThe Customer Agility Framework ™ is being soft launched on the 29th of September 2023 through an interactive website https://customeragilityframework.com/ a companion website with the business benefits case was previously launched https://customeragility.com/.

There will be a Customer Agility Framework ™ Community event on Wednesday the 4th of October 18:00 BST https://www.meetup.com/agile-world-meetup-group/events/296352989/

In 2022 I’d had enough of being negative about things in Agile that I knew did not work or trying to get other people to understand why it was important. Instead I decided to turn my knowledge into something positive. Within the remit of Agile World ® vision I started a special endeavor a new and up to date agile framework based upon my 30 years of experience to date.

That framework now exists in two versions Agile World ® Framework which is massive and complex covering 23 business domains from Government to Pharmaceutical to Manufacturing and Retail and Customer Agility Framework ™ which I think I more accessible for adoption by organisations wanting to evolve.

Both contain two missing links in organizational life cycle firstly what work should be done and secondly how can work be qualified as impactful. In the last few months several friends and colleagues have reviewed the material and provided their insights. Along with the open call for participation all are now Co-founders.

I’m a strong believer in community and peer based evolution so as we move forward the frameworks will evolve from those who want to become involved and who will become Co-founders.

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