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Oxford University Press – Mobile first digital strategy 2009

  • Digital strategy captured in worldwide (stakeholders flown in from USA and Asia) workshops (over 8 week period) with representative the stakeholder groups (using UCD / Agile stores) including Results including market specific mobility strategy for Asia with e-learning.
  • High-level proposal for new Web Presence to ISO9241 based upon an assessment of existing information services (84 country websites, 120 mini-sites, intranets, wikis etc.) historical implementation strategy, resourcing, current business objectives and technologies.
  • Definition of Web Presence Requirements including; CMS, faceted search, asset management, vendor selection, SLA definition, infrastructure, business processes. Design for new internal digital agency (with staffing recommendations) was also included.
  • Organisational design for new internal digital agency separate from IT
  • Service Design for country based, regulators, business leaders, editors, managers, creative staff, distributors, shops staff, teachers and pupils.
  • Ecommerce Strategy including subscriptions, code access, metered access and micro-payments solutions.
  • Governance consultant to ISO/IEC 38500 with new business structures to support the development of policies and processes (behaviours) for the standardisation of activity and quality assurance of all digital media and information systems.
  • Technical Architecture and structural definition for WCMS including sitemaps, wireframes and multiple taxonomies, faceted enterprise search and new multi-dimensional content object model for multiple countries, communities, data feeds, e-rights, web e-commerce, mobile e-commerce, salesforce (plus other integrations).

Activities; Involved several facets of (multinational 84 countries / divergent brands and products with multilanguage and culturally diverse consumer behaviours) stakeholder engagement and buy-in, UCD research, audit and analysis, concept creation, research design and implementation to define and establish best practice principals for the following deliverables

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