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Customer Agility Framework ™ Customer Satisfaction

What is Customer Agility ™

Customer Agility ™ is an evolution upon prior understandings of Customer Agility so that the entire organisation is focused on delivering the best possible experience to the end customers as part of both the requirements process and the organizational design. It does this by utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to seek patterns in customer (interaction and sentiment) data as opportunities, issues and risks. Then the WHAT data is refined through User Experience Research techniques to understand WHY (context, human perceptions and human value) they are important.

WHAT and WHY two methods have existed as long as there have been data research, they are Quantitative and Qualitative research, they are not only complementary they are essential to avoid making the wrong decisions. If data leads without human context, well I expect you can imagine, one leg chairs may become the standard manufactured item based on cost, but would be unusable based on the human lense. Further bias is a real problem in both data and humans thankfully User Experience Research has built in bias control methodologies to eliminate personal agendas and cultural bias.

Customer Agility ™ recognizes that there are several customers;

  • Customer North Star

  • Business North Star

  • Technical North Star

These Customers each have a very specific perspective which defines their action, reactions and values. In Customer Agility ™ it is imperative that they are considered in a transparent and auditable manner so that the organisation evolves from the impact of its decisions and priorities. Customer Agility ™ needs to be contained in a framework to enable it to be established. That framework was started by Karl A L Smith, FBCS, FRSA a co-founder of Agile World ® in December 2022 and is built around his actual experience of delivering both components and end-to-end process from INSIGHTS (AI and User Experience Research) to OUTCOME (Brand Equity, Financial Impact, ROI, VFM, CSAT, NPS, ESG, PRI, Market Sentiment, Analyst Community and Shareholders).


Accessing and processing data and sifting with artificial intelligence to find opportunities and issues then refining through human unbiased skills to define meaning.


Defining the impact of change upon the Customer North Star though real-time oversight in order to prioritise the delivery of planned outcomes.

Agile World Institute ®

Agile World Institute ®  is the Certification Authority for the Agile World ® Framework and Customer Agility Framework ™  and maintains oversight and quality management for all approved training and examination partners.

Agile certifications focuses on broad range of Agile principles often linked to a specific Agile methodology like Agile World ® Framework and Customer Agility Framework ™  and others that seek to define practices, cadences and outcome structures based upon the original concepts of the Agile Manifesto (they were created after the manifesto) some include the essential Agile Principles some do not. An Agile certification recognizes your expertise in Agile concepts, and signals to employers that you’ve taken the time to study and earn a credential, it does not define capability.

Agile World ® is fully supportive of Agile Certification bodies and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in augmentation of practical application and the evolution of Agile and New Ways of Working.

Customer Agility Framework ™ Certification


The Customer Agility Framework ™ is a specific approach to organizational planning, observation, executing and a feedback loop of work. The Agile World Institute ® is the sole authorised certifier for the Customer Agility Framework ™.

Customer Agility Framework ™ tooling will also be certified by the Agile World Institute ® who is the sole authorised certifier for the Customer Agility Framework ™ tooling.

Customer Agility Framework ™ training provider will also be certified by the Agile World Institute ® who is the sole authorised certifier for the Customer Agility Framework ™ training.

Customer Agility Framework ™ practitioner and company registry will also be certified by the Agile World Institute ® who is the sole authorised certifier for the Customer Agility Framework ™ practitioner and company registry.

Customer Agility ™ Details

Customer Agility ™ Communications Website https://customeragility.com/

Customer Agility Framework ™ Website https://customeragilityframework.com/enterprise-agility/enterprise-agility-high/

Co-founders Community Events https://www.meetup.com/agile-world-meetup-group/

Agile World Institute ® (certification authority) https://agile-world.institute/

Agile World ® Incorporated 501(c)(3) nonprofit https://agile-world.charity/

Agile World ® (news and media) https://agile-world.news/

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