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Karl Smith’s Biography

Karl Smith is a highly creative and motivated person with keen insight ability. He is a critical thinker and is able to rapidly discover the essence of problems then define, communicate, create buy-in and deliver solutions. He positively motivates those around him and is able to engender a great team dynamic by leading from the front. He has business experience spanning 27 years at comparable levels in fields including defence, industry, construction, fashion, finance, banking, FMCG, property, publishing, healthcare, travel, policing, crown office, local and central government.

Recent organisational design roles include launching Enterprise User Experience in Accenture and setting up Wipro Digital.

He has a wide experience in management consultancy and digital technology including business management, strategy, innovation, marketing, advertising, governance, change management, project management, definition, design and delivery. He has been honoured by the British Computer Society for his eminence in IT leadership over the last 15 years with a Fellowship.

He mainly focuses on customer experience engagement and management in both B2B and B2C sectors. He works with directors and stakeholders whose main focus is increasing efficiency, transaction frequency and accuracy through the provision of knowledge driven, context focused, user-centered and responsive, future proofed (IoT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence), progressive interactive organisational change, innovative business processes and technology systems.

“the difference between an engaged customer and an enraged customer is their experience, which customers would you prefer to have?”

“as a customer experience expert, I have no opinion, I wait and get the opinion of the customer as they are the subject matter experts and combine it with business strategy and acumen”

He is involved in defining new business concepts, strategies, requirements, governance (ISO/IEC 38500) and solutions that support businesses and organisation’s involved in transforming themselves to be adaptive and future proof themselves for market disruption.

Recent Projects

Marcom’s (digital marketing collateral) for Wipro Digital to sell its story within Wipro Technologies.


Founder of Several Organisations

Founder of the Ubiquity Open Standard Project involved from June 2006 to Present

Founder of The Human Centered Design Society (formerly The User Centred Design Society) involved from Feb 2011 to Present

Founder of UCD UK Conference Organisation involved from Feb 2011 to September 2016

Research methods created by Karl Smith

Diagnostic research and review a method created in 2004 by Karl Smith

Diagnostic methods operate through a problem-solving process the forms various hypothesis from interaction. These hypotheses form a picture of the interaction which can then be diagnosed from known activities or be reviewed to discover new or modified types of activity.

Reflective review a method created in 2004 by Karl Smith

Reflective methods are based upon the concept of reviewing data from a retrospective viewing point and reflecting upon the initiators, nodes and pathways of activity.

Contextual usability method created in 2002 by Karl Smith

A usability testing and analysis method to understand website or a product by target users in their own usual environment; work, home, school with their normal distractions present.

UCD Innovation Method (2001), updated 2003, 2008 by Karl Smith. Trademarked as Innova8™ in the USA Oct 2016.

A method to create rapid user centric innovations for products, customer services and business processes.

UCD Innovation Process Invested by Karl Smith in 2001, updated in 2003, 2008 Copyright 2001 Karl Smith
UCD Innovation Process Invested by Karl Smith in 2001, updated in 2003, 2008 Copyright ©2001 Karl Smith

Ethnographics a method created in 2001/2 by Karl Smith

Ethnographics is an interpretation of ethnography and an extension of Brand Recognition testing was created by Karl Smith as a digital enactment method to scope and determine group behaviours for interaction design and user experience research.

Pathway analytics a method created in 2001 by Karl Smith

Pathway analytics is a method that uses data patterns to determine active pathways through information, navigation and content and was inspired by information scent (P Pirolli).

Brand recognition testing a method created in 1999 by Karl Smith

A brand testing method carried out using a mixture of interview and ethnography studies designed around media and targeted user groups. Mobile eye tracking was added to this group of processes in 2006 to facilitate a cognitive assessment.

Karl Smith’s motivation

That’s the pitch over, beyond the above I really love doing my job, it’s the best job in the world ‘making other peoples experiences good ones‘ beats anything else I can think of.

I have been privileged to have been mentored by several clear thinking Scottish, Irish and American business people. They have fundamentally affected my perceptions of business, people management and leadership, knowledge that I could not have gained expect through their life experiences. In addition to their skill sets I work from a bases of learning, I do not assume that I know in absolute anything (Ref: Charles Woolworth), but maintain the skill of ‘asking stupid questions to avoid doing stupid things‘ a sensible approach that people who know me will recognise. Leadership is not a title it’s behaviour, someone is a leader because people follow not because they proclaim themselves but most importantly you cannot lead others if you cannot lead yourself first.

When I work with others I consider them before myself and actively work to make them look good, an unpopular activity in modern society, but it is simply the right thing to do (Ref: Andrew Carnegie). People will do what they must to survive, to excel takes an environment where credit is allocated in a balanced way. Teams are built from moment to moment, not through grand gestures but through consideration and respect.

From a social side I have twenty two years experience of voluntary youth work and actively support several charities with time and money. I am an oil painter, sculptor and silversmith with a constant flow of creative and design concepts.

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