Microsoft is the new Apple

Win8 is a game changer, but why the new strategy?

Any knowledgeable IT and digital stratagist who understands the technology will tell you that Win8 is a game changer, but what is more significant is the way Microsoft is acting, they are thinking the way Apple used to, while Apple has moved to a 1970-80’s Microsoft!

Screen view of Windows 8
Windows 8 screen shot

Win8 is a cultural change as much as anything else, the user is not driven to the desktop or forced into an office the devices and Win8 travel with them. I recognise that Apple users (I have both, I’m platform agnostic) will just see this as Microsoft catching up, but the key thing is business. Business IT users already trust Microsoft, think Microsoft and pretty much won’t let Apple devices on their networks. By making a multi device, touch screen software offering, Microsoft secure their market and as a defacto standard for OEM software on new devices they can start pushing Apple out of their markets.

Microsoft Win8 is enterprise focused, it’s been designed for home, mobile, office and enterprise specifically in mind a truly holistic attitude to servicing user needs.

So what next?

Microsoft metro apps market of course.

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