a short guide to Human Stagnation

Following on from Karl Smith’s a short guide to Agile Transformation he plans to release another short guide book in 2022 called a short guide to Human Stagnation 1920 to 2020 100 Years of Stasis.

This new book will look into the true state of humanity and human systems.


I hope this won’t be a long book I’m saying to myself as I start to write this and maybe your saying it too. Either way this is a new kind of book for me, this is an everything book, everything I think I know and everything I think I’m not supposed to know. Let history history decide, but I will at least have spoken into its darkness.

The beginning must be the end which is to say the entire world and all the humans in it are trapped in amber and have not noticed. The sun has moved and we think we have moved with it but it’s just the light warming the prison. The worlds economics and cultures have not changed since the 1920’s. While we have all now eaten cake the terms of having that cake have not changed and that is just wrong. Human possibly is squandered to uphold the tenants of society where your birth not your capability defines you, your connections not your intelligence describes you and your flag not your humanity propels you.

It makes me so sad that people are totally ignorant of their part in this farce, everything works for this culture, they create fear, that escalates into division, self importance and murder, both systemic and rationalised through insane thinking. Either all human life is valuable or none is.

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