Interflora discount voucher 100% no brains

When doing marketing, companies are attempting to motivate people into a relationship with their products or services, in this respect Interflora have been very successful, I am highly motivated. Unfortunately because Interflora’s service is so bad, my relationship is one I don’t want to have, so my motivation is to STOP 60070 them from contacting me.

You would think that after I spoke with someone in a senior position at Interflora they would get beyond lip service and actually act on my bad experience of them as a company rather than do nothing. In fact worse they sent more SPAM to my mobile this morning, Mothers Day discount flower voucher (15% I don’t care if it’s 50% or 75%), useless to me as I will never use their services again, ever.

See for the reason for all this. But today I got another text message from Interflora, they obviously don’t care in the slightest about their reputation. Digital communications are a two way process a failure to listen points to incompetence in management and delivery.

Since they are not responding, every time they send me mobile SPAM or post me their marketing materials, I will post about it until these posts take over the top listings on the search engine’s.

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