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An anecdote on my experience of Lord Laird of Artigarvan, John Dunn Laird

There are no doubt many people who knew Lord Laird better than I, I cannot and don’t speak for them, but just of my conversations and times in his company and the appreciation I have for his life and attitudes to democracy.

I think my lasting admiration for this man will come from his desire to learn and challenge other politicians to do so also, that and his very dry sense of humour.

Over a number of years he took the role of protagonist for thought, for knowledge and for challenging the status quo in Westminster not out of party politics but from a genuine desire to use his position to better the knowledge transfer from the specialist populace to the generalist politicians in #UKHouseofLords and #HouseofCommons. That is laudable in its own right, but the capacity to see that need is perhaps lost on some, it reveals someone deeply committed to British democracy and the enablement of the conversation between elected officials and their constituents.

At his passing in July 2018 I feel Britain and the Crown has lost a great advocate for discourse and the engagement between its people and its politicians.

On a personal note I’d like to thank his family and others in Parliament for supporting his notion of Engaged Democracy it gave so many people a voice and made democracy stronger in the United Kingdom. I hope someone else in Westminster will take up this baton in his stead, visionary people are rare but vision of this depth and value should not depart with him.

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