I don’t want to live in America but I do want to work there

One of the things that should have become apparent by now is that no one needs to be physically based in a location to work there. In 2020 the USA is one of the most dangerous places on the planet to live. When considering the current Covid19 pandemic and thinking of the USA all I can think of is a Zombie Apocalypse. But for work the USA has some of the most interesting and innovative companies in the world and that’s where I want to work.

Living in Europe I’m used to being safe, our politicians have attempted to deal with Covid19, some better than others, our rule of law is dependable and relatively evenly applied in fact I know lots of Americans who have chosen to live here instead of America for that reason. Unfortunately, in the UK some advisors think you can negotiate the truth with a virus, you can’t. This had led to some very poor choices that has cost the lives of many citizens. But at least our police are highly accountable, nationally and locally, the use of firearms is strictly controlled, and they are trained to de-escalate situations. In every area of society there are criminals who seek to use the power they have to serve their own ambitions, but while our society evolves their crimes eventually catch up with them.

So, if your company is looking for an innovative thinker, passionate about the customer, with business acumen and over 25 years of professional experience in e-commerce, digital transformation, customer transformation, consultancy, business agility, solutions, data architecture and automation let me know, I’m available. If you’re a European Company that fits this then let me know, I’m not moving anywhere.

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