#UI and #UX are not #interchangeable

It’s just the most embarrassing thing to hear intelligent people say UI/UX. It makes professional people cringe because your left wondering should you care that they are exposing ignorance or just let them get on with sounding like an idiot. I mean their ignorance is not your responsibility after all, or is it?

So what’s so bad? Well not knowing that UI is a tiny subset of UX should not be that bad?

It’s the total lack of knowledge that irks, I think. I mean when you first went to school there was always some kid who thought it was funny to pee in the middle of the class room. You look at those who can’t tell this difference between UI/UX in the same way. It’s very funny for kids, but you are wondering why they persist in peeing themselves in public. It’s almost as if its now their party trick and they are scared they won’t get attention otherwise.

Maybe in this respect ignorance is bliss but for everyone else they seem like a slightly odd child.

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