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Karl A L Smith interview with LeadersHum

Karl A L Smith interview with LeadersHum

Karl A L Smith Managing Partner of Agile World Inc. interview with LeadersHum about the three strands of his work experience, changing the paradigm, changing the context (of working environments) and experimenting. He highlights key characteristics of Leadership and Leaders and talks about what it means to be an Agile Leader. Lastly he talks about his consultancy in delivering Agile Transformation in a Customer Centric way (this not being they way it often done). Karl ends with information about his philanthropic activities with Agile World Incorporated a 501(c)(3) charity, based in California and how agile is no longer focused in software, but rather affords a way to solve complex problems.

At Agile World we recognise that mindsets are not easily changed but need evidence before choosing change. It is essential to understand that better ways of living or working cannot be imposed, but rather they must show tangible benefits to people lives before they adopt them as better ways to live and they become the norm.

Mindsets change with benefits gained, Co-Founder Karl A L Smith

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