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Space Invaders, they live amongst us!

Are you sitting next to a Space Invader?

Not actually an alien except in social behaviour, a Space Invader is a person who is totally selfish, focused purely on their needs and their desires. They think nothing of using both arm rests on a plane, train, bus or tube, while pushing their elbows into your side. Most people simply put up with this boorish and narcissistic behaviour. Personally I don’t, it makes me feel physically sick to have that close contact with a complete stranger.

Dangers of Space Invaders

I remember posting on Facebook about it and the person was not only a Space Invader but highly nosey and saw me do it. Finding out that others find your actions reprehensible can come as a shock for the average narcissist so he went on the offensive and tried to engage me in a discussion about his poor social skills by blaming my physical size as a reason for him digging his elbow into my side a far as it could go. At this point it’s clear that a immoral victory is all that is required by the Invader so pointless to discuss. On another occasion an apparent MENSA narcissist behaved the same way, this is not about intelligence (even if the MENSA test is now totally debunked) this is about social skills and awareness of others.

Space Invaders always have an excuse, but no reason

Up until the age of 30 I was a 34inch waist yet I still experienced Space Invaders, if your space has been invaded be assured it’s nothing personal, the other person is not aware of you at all, they have no social skills and live an entitled life in their own minds.

The Frog Legged

Since discussing this article with a few other people before posting it another group of Space Invaders and selfish travellers has been suggested. The Frog Legged are a group of travellers with an apparent issue of, needing to sit with their legs as wide as possible (it may be a medical condition, if so there is an epidemic). This of course impacts your fellow traveler who oddly cannot detach their legs but tends to have them in front, though of course crushed by a complete stranger.

To the Reader

Did you travel to work today with a Space Invader or a Frog Legged person next to you or have you just realised you are one. How would you categories your behaviour on transport, bus, train, tube or plane? Are you a Social Traveller a Space Invader or Frog Legged both crippling forms of social incapacity?

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