What is a #User in #Professional #UX?

What is a User in Professional UX?

Below is a simple guide to find out if you have users involved in your project.

  1. A person who is part (employed or service team) of a contracted consultancy – IS NOT A USER
  2. A person who is part (employed or service team) of a client company project team including sponsors and stakeholders – IS NOT A USER
  3. A person who does not represent the primary targeted audience (based upon user screening protocols) – IS NOT A USER
  4. A person who does not provide an independent non partisan (providing both positive and negative experiences) view – IS NOT A USER

If your user falls into any one of the above groups of people they are not a user and your not doing user experience.

There are a number of other pointers to work out if your results have been skewed to fit a perspective or project politic.

Everyone said the same thing about their experience

This is statistically impossible, they could say a similar thing, the exact same thing is a fix to match a personal agenda or a perspective.

We got very positive feedback

This is impossible, feedback by it’s very nature is both positive and negative, both are critical to get a balanced view.

We passed usability testing at 95%

This is impossible, usability testing is not a pass or a fail. Usability testing is designed to find faults and is conducted throughout the project not just at the end. If there was a success factor for usability testing it would be to find lots of faults in time for them to be corrected.

Watch out for these and others as you gain experience.

Unfortunately many people are missing the point of USERS.

UX practitioners are not interested in users opinion they are interested in users experiences, filtered through testing scenarios and biographical behavioral templates.

UX practitioners don’t do market research (opinions) they conduct user research for pre-referenced (easily adoptable) psychological design.

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