Interflora, don’t listen or care about user experience

Last year I arranged several weeks in advance for my wife to get a big bunch of flowers to celebrate our 19 years of marriage. On the day I check when they would be delivered and was assured they would arrive within office hours. They did not arrive and my wife knowing me quite well by now was disappointed, as I was working away from home at the time it created a lot of frustration. We discovered that the flowers were delivered at 7pm to the building security and she got them the next day by going into work on her day off. In response Interflora offered a voucher, frankly a worthless gesture for all the pain that had been caused.

My response has been to never use Interflora again. However Interflora keep sending me unsolicited marketing text messages. I have contacted them three times since November asking them to stop and have used the stop link in the message each time to no effect. Today I got another text from Interflora a company I associate with not caring in the slightest. Would I recommend Interflora? No not even to an enemy, I don’t dislike anyone that much.

I never opted in, I can’t opt out. Interflora what do you think you are doing? Your not building your brand your destroying it, why don’t you listen are you so big now that you don’t have to care about the experience people have of your company?

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