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Month: March 2011

#Retail #banks need their #customers

The 90/00’s marketing gimmicks of creating a relationship with your bank are long gone in people’s minds. The problem for the banks is they now for the first time mean it, but have lost a lot of credibility and the confidence of the public.

Interflora User Experience (UX)

Interflora SMS STOP 60070 update

I prefer to do something about situations rather than just complain. So apart from phoning Interflora’s contact centre and getting nowhere, I also used the professional social network Linkedin to contact senior marketing staff about my experience.

Agile Human Centred Design (HCD) Information Architecture IA Usability User Experience (UX)

Karl Smith Fellow of the British Computer Society

I have just been confirmed as a Fellow of the British Computer Society. Thanks to all my supporters.

Ask #customers not #stakeholders

Clients will often reduce or not pay for UX research, but this is like leaving out a building foundation because no one sees it. A visitors experience is not only defined by the online environment but they bring past experiences, desires and doubts about their current experience.

#UX #cognitive #interactions patterns for #IoT by #Gestalt

The psychology of visual location, shape and colour are critical to enable user to understand and interpret their location and expectations of use in any given area. Karl Smith’s research from 2002 defined additional aspects as ‘biographical templates’ that establish key perceptions and personal drivers which are linked to persona’s.

Interflora User Experience (UX)

Interflora discount voucher 100% no brains

Interflora keep sending me SPAM even though I never signed up to receive anything and keep asking them to stop. Digital communications are a two way process a failure to listen points to incompetence in management and delivery.

Interflora User Experience (UX)

Interflora, don’t listen or care about user experience

Interflora marketing texts, I never opted in, I can’t opt out. Interflora what do you think you are doing? Your not building your brand your destroying it, why don’t you listen are you so big now that you don’t have to care about the experience people have of your company?

Less #UX wireframe #fluff and more #Proof of the #pudding

In recent years the flaws in user experience design (UX) based in wireframe exercises have become more evident to professional IT people as the business has become flooded with unqualified people.

Website #help and #support systems should #avoid #FAQ

Websites conversely support users from every experience of life, who while focused on a product or service are not professionals in that product or service.

O2 Usability

O2 support has awful usability

On the O2 site you can tell it’s all user experience and no information architecture though, everything links so there are no dead ends, unfortunately the information being sought is missing it’s an annoying merry go round.

#UX #requirements #gathering methods #determine #value

There are lots ways to elicit UCD requirements so I don’t intend on listing them all here, what I will note are some of the effective ways that I utilise. They can be described as structured, unstructured or a mixture of the two, but importantly the methods produce differing depth of requirements dependant not only on the method but on the skill of the facilitator and the characteristics of physical location used. In effect the method used is limited by the capability of the facilitator.