A Scottish Revolution to Re Energise Agile

Regardless of the state of the world or futility that people may feel at this time something tremendous has been started in Scotland that is touching and building up people all across the world. The reflection at this point on what has been a groundbreaking movement is essential to understand it’s future. What is this thing, not politics something far more important and credible and that has actual value to ensure that people are the priority in today’s world. While many will say later they were involved in Celebrating 20 years of Agile they weren’t. I’m writing this about the the people who made this happen and who have worked tirelessly in service to humanity to give them something to focus on in February 2021.

As all the preparation work comes to an end on the 20th of January (the last submission date for events) for the Agile20Reflect Festival, I do wonder where is the engagement from all the companies, corporation and organisations that have cashed in on Agile over the years? Naturally I will be publishing companies that have become engaged because they clearly understand Agile, Business Agility, Agile Transformation in a human and community context.

This is a true revolution because we still don’t know what will happen at the end of February, but what we do know is that we have over 111 (and counting) free Agile events being held across the globe, a new movement has been galvanised in South America and with 10 days left before submission end we are excited to see such diversity so, thank you Scott, Ashish, Craig, Sath, Karl and Grace (honorary Celt).

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