Agile Transformation

The book about Agile Transformation is not theories but real consultancy refined by the experience of working in enterprises with both business and technology leaders and workers. It is aimed at decision makers and to everyone out there who has started or is about to start an Agile Transformation or New Ways of Working Programme.

I’m publishing this small book for a number of reasons, partly as a crib sheet for myself since there are so many moving parts in an Agile Transformation and partly to fill in some gaps for people getting involved in Agile Transformation. It is in no way exhaustive, in fact since starting it I realise that I can’t possibly put in everything I want to in the time. I hope it helps. Agile Transformation is about accepting that businesses are unique and building that into their transformation DNA. Agile Transformation is focused on freedom, transparency and growth.

“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth” John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1961.


Now Available in Paperback

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