#UI is not #UX

There seems to be a huge level of confusion around user experience (UX), but one of the key things is that the user interface is not the user experience architecture.

  1. User Interface – what the user sees
  2. Interface Logic – what the user can do
    • Logical connections
    • Interactive behaviours
    • Content/data calls
    • Content/data inputs
  3. Data Systems – the content the user creates and interacts with
  4. Platform – the users delivery mechanism

Difference between UI and UX

user experience is defined by what users can do, not just what they can see

If you are paying for UX you should be asking “how did the UX change the interaction, logic, data systems and platform” if it did not influence it, you only got UI design.

The user interface is the top level component that users see.

The user experience is not a single component it is a set of features that is facilitated through several components.

An update about paying for UX, as business start to recognise that visual tweaks to a product after the solution stage are not enough for savvy consumers.



Also the non-system elements – customer service, marketing and POS material (is this consistent with the message being communicated on the system) etc.

The customer, client or worker doesn’t see the difference – they see one big system.

It is often frustrating to do a piece of research and find out all the weak points in an organisations’ “system” and be told, just tell us what the UI needs to do. It is a rare job indeed that they are interested in the other non-system fail-points of the user experience.


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