#UX #Designer waste of money for #Clients

Design thinking in User Experience

How do you design experience UXD?

You can design a framework or architecture but the experience in UX is in someone’s mind and in their emotions, if you design people experience its a crime against humanity

UX research or UX analysis all make lots of sense but UX design does not, but the real point here is the breaking of the UX process in to sections. The practice of breaking the process is clearly done by people who don’t understand it.

I keep meeting UX researchers who are excited that I am recruiting UX people, but to me not being able to do the full process creates too many limitations on them as viable UX people. Apart from the obvious inability to pass critical information at role breaks;

why should my clients pay for limited people when one component when a holistic UX person can cover the whole process?

UX facilitation and research is the fun part and everyone wants to do it, analysis is quite complex if it happens at all, but converting the concepts from the analysis into features and behaviour is the critical component.

Defining the interactive framework and delivering it through wireframes or interactive modelling is an architectural activity as it relates to creating multiple routes that enable different kinds of users to acquire information, products or services. UX does not do graphic design, get a Graphic Designer (this is a highly skilled role separate from UX) for that and avoid anyone who says they can do both because they are divergent mental models to they won’t be highly skilled in both.

experience cannot be designed you can only open access points to having an experience

Experience is personal to the user, so UX Designers do not exist.

Ignorance is Common

The term UX designer UXD comes from a basic ignorance of what UX is and does,

UX is a scientific process not a design one

The other foolish thing clients and recruiters ask for is a portfolio, in effect asking people to breach NDA contracts by keeping copies of other clients work and their sharing it with potential competitors, really not smart at all.

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One thought on “#UX #Designer waste of money for #Clients

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    David Clark
    VP Executive Partner

    This has set me thinking Karl! Is this the same as just having to recognise that some people will love some designs and other won’t but the more we can configure and customise to an individuals persona (too crude I think?) then we create an experience that they may enjoy but as you say we can’t really design the experience – you can design the product, the process, the service, the capability in the hope of creating an enjoyable experience. Or have I missed the point ! 🙂

    Karl (Carl) Smith FBCS CSM ACM UXPA MSc
    Global Director of Experience Consultancy at Wipro

    Yes that’s the crux; its just foolishness to think anyone designs experience (far too many outcomes to map), for each user or even a persona group is highly optimistic. If you do this work for a living, then you understand building frameworks for experience ‘to exist’ and touch points that relate to personas.

    We can employ statistics if there is a statistically viable sample size for the UK view that’s 1300 people (not 5 people). But even this is not enough that’s why we combine quantitative and qualitative user research to create the framework, concepts, test concepts etc.

    I just think there are a lot of clients not getting a good deal out there from UX Designers. Because people who call themselves this clearly don’t understand the process and this points to opinion based results not a proof of concept (that has proof).

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