Web Governance ISO/IEC 38500

The following is the first page of a Web Governance document I created and have used with a number of institutions, it’s here to layout one way to tackle this really complex type of project.

1.0    Introduction


1.1 Background

This document is intended to support the decision making process to re-establish xxxxxxxxx Web Presence under best practice Web Governance referencing current xxxxxxxxx business structures.


xxxxxxxxx (the author) has been commissioned as an independent consultant to assist xxxxxxxxx to both capture requirements and interpret these relevant to best Web Governance practice.

1.2     Document Purpose


1.2.1  Summary

This Web Governance document is to define the structure of people, positions, authorities, roles, responsibilities, relationships, and rules involved in managing the xxxxxxxxx website’s. This governance structure defines who can make what decisions, who is accountable for which efforts, and how each of the players must work together to operate a website and web management process effectively.

The xxxxxxxxx governance structure includes defined positions that are involved in creating and managing structure and content, developing and supporting technology, marketing the products, and achieving the xxxxxxxxx online vision.

Within the governance structure, roles are designated to develop and recommend policies, create procedures to implement the policies, determine and operate management controls, and develop and use performance measures. Everyone in the governance structure uses these tools to manage the websites and administer all the activities associated with the websites (consulting, marketing, reporting, budgeting, managing technology, etc.).

Each of the xxxxxxxxx web policies will document the governance structure, including the functions, roles, and authorities of each position in the structure and the rules that each member of the structure must follow to work together.

1.2.2  Context

Web Governance consists of two key aspects:

  • Web Governance (this document), and
  • Web Policies

The author has used interviews with stakeholders and referenced the Governance of Information Technology ISO/IEC 38500, to create the final version of this Web Governance document.

1.2.3  Outcomes

The purpose of this document is to provide;

  • Systemic web governance principals
  • Defined authorities and limitations
  • To define a framework for the creation of web policies

If there is interest I can add more later.

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