Karl A L Smith

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Cognition Clash in the IoT at SXSW16

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The Internet of Things is the next great opportunity for commerce to engage with business enterprises. However there is no unified approach to the mental load between physical interaction, mental interaction and digital interaction. This cognitive landscape is inhabited by associated experiences that gel human behaviour and machine interfaces through, touch, mouse and keyboard. The usage of sight, voice and thought create new complexities and risks which have until recently been the subject of defence technologies, where clear outcomes and prescribed mental models exist. The diversification of these touch points and multi-point human logic models clash and derail human thinking patterns.


What is the problem, its simple enough for machine to machine communication why is there an issue with humans in this machine landscape?

If humans are enabled by digital, do we still need attributed thinking to understand interactive artefacts, can they just be something new?

If human multi-tasking in a machine landscape desirable if each system operates differently what impact is there in the real world?




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